Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Montgomery County, MD

February 28, 2023
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Montgomery County, Maryland, is the most populous county in the entire state, and as such, it is filled with things to love at every corner. No matter what type of lifestyle you are looking for, Montgomery County will be able to cater to your needs and always offer the possibility of new adventures. If you are thinking about moving here and would like to know why locals love the area so much, take a look at the top reasons below.

The real estate

As you drive through Montgomery County, you will find all types of real estate. There are sparse suburban towns with charming and secluded single-family homes, sprawling estates in the most affluent neighborhoods around, modern and sleek condominiums, townhouses in the center of the action, and so much more. You can have any type of lifestyle in this county and any type of residence.

Maybe you are looking for a new home for your family or a secondary residence to use when you are doing business in Washington, D.C. Investment properties can be found all over, giving you ample opportunity to generate passive income and boost your portfolio. Whatever it may be, there are plenty of Montgomery County homes for sale that are out there waiting for you.

Not only can you find any type of property, but you can also find any architectural style. Being so close to the nation's heart, there are plenty of lovingly-maintained historical residences throughout Montgomery County, but there are also many new constructions. Even if your dream style is uncommon here, some of the best architects in the country work out of Washington, D.C., right over the county’s border. If by any chance your ideal home cannot be found, you can have it custom-built alongside the other unique and carefully constructed homes in the area.

Shopping and dining

There are hundreds of luxury retailers and fine dining establishments throughout Montgomery County. This is one of the biggest draws of the area and is what many locals say is their favorite thing about living here. Even if you do not shop or dine out often, having unlimited access to all these establishments means you will always have options. Residents of Montgomery County can also easily commute to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore for shopping and fine dining, adding hundreds of more locations to the already extensive roster.

There are outdoor shopping centers, upscale malls, sleek and modern steak houses, you name it. There will never come a moment when you cannot find what you are looking for in Montgomery County, and there will always be new places to explore. Be sure to ask your new neighbors about their favorite places in the area and see if they know of any hidden gems that are unknown to visitors. Whether you are looking for Potomac real estate or new homes in Gaithersburg, there will always be nearby locations that will quickly become your new favorites.

Community events

Shopping and dining out are all well and good, but there is something indescribable about truly connecting with your community. The feeling of being not only a part of something but a key component of the local lifestyle of the county is a magical feeling, and it can be found at any of the community events. Gatherings, celebrations, and simple group fun can be found nearly every day in Montgomery County, ranging from ice skating in some of the town squares to celebrating local artists at the many galleries in the area.

This is a place where you will never have to worry about having a dull moment and can be assured that each new day brings the possibility of family fun. It is one of the many reasons residents love having their children raised in Montgomery County, as they can be surrounded by kind and welcoming individuals who value art, culture, and togetherness.

Natural beauty

The list of things that draws people to Montgomery County is endless, but some of the more popular reasons are that there is an abundance of nature and culture to be found in the area, alongside all those great shops and restaurants.

Anywhere you go in the county, you will always be close to a state park, nature preserve, recreational park, or expertly designed golf course. Having so many lush green places close to the city is a feature that not many counties can claim, and it makes Montgomery County a wonderful place to find relaxing moments throughout the week.

With all of the history that the area is known for, there are many museums around covering various topics. For example, there is the National Capital Trolley Museum, The National Museum of Health and Medicine, the College Park Aviation Museum, and many more. Having so many places of learning in the area not only provides fun for the entire family but education as well.

Ease of transportation

Montgomery County is one of those locations that are close enough to larger cities to be convenient but not too close that you cannot find a moment of peace and relaxation. This is the perfect place to live for professionals who want to work in the city but have a calm home life. Commuting is a breeze, either by car or train. Being able to get around easily is one of the other things that locals boast about and is the main reason most residents say they never want to move out of Montgomery County.

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