The Best of Montgomery County Golfing

October 26, 2023
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Montgomery County is a true golfing oasis, where fairways and greens stretch beneath the wide Maryland skies, beckoning golfers of all ages and skill levels. Its unique topography, characterized by lush rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, makes it an ideal destination for golfers. But the county offers more than just stunning visuals. Each golf course is intricately designed to provide a variety of challenges to help players improve their skills and techniques.

Timing your rounds can make a huge difference in your golfing experience. In Montgomery County, golfers can enjoy the sport all year round, but some seasons do offer a more idyllic experience. Spring and Fall are particularly favored, given the pleasant weather conditions, but the balmy summer evenings and crisp winter mornings each hold their own charm. Teeing off in the early morning or late afternoon can offer a refreshing escape from the day's heat.

As for resources, Montgomery County offers an array of golf shops, clubs, and academies where golfers can upgrade their gear, meet fellow enthusiasts, or receive professional coaching. From high-end golf equipment stores to local shops with knowledgeable staff ready to help you find just what you need, the county caters to all golfing needs.

Best Times to Golf in Montgomery County

Understanding the climate of the county is crucial when planning your golfing trip. Montgomery County is classified as a humid subtropical region with a climate that boasts hot summers, cool winters, and moderate amounts of rainfall throughout the year. With summer temperatures averaging in the mid-80s Fahrenheit and winter temperatures dipping into the low 20s, Montgomery County offers a unique variety of conditions for golfers to test their skills.

Though Montgomery County receives around 45 inches of rainfall annually — slightly above the national average — the county experiences an average of 201 sunny days annually, offering plenty of opportunities for golfers to get out on the green. According to, precipitation is common throughout the year, with an average of 113 days of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Summer highs can reach up to 87 degrees in July, while winter lows can fall to 25 degrees in January. Despite the varied climate, there is no shortage of ideal golfing days in Montgomery County.

Best Montgomery County Golf Courses

Falls Road Golf Course

In Potomac, MD, Falls Road Golf Course is the first of the Montgomery County Golf courses; it opened in 1961. The course spans across 150 acres of rolling terrain, allowing for gorgeous views during play. A new clubhouse was built when the course was renovated in 2003. One notable addition to this course is the existence of the 22-stall driving range that lights up at night, making for great evening playing.

Laytonsville Golf Course

The Laytonsville Golf Course is known for its beautiful and serene environment. It's an excellent spot for a quick round or an extended golfing session. The par-71 course was designed to be accessible to the golf novice while still enjoyable to a more established golfer. This public golf course is the premier destination for getting young golfers into the swing of the game.

Hampshire Greens Golf Course

This Silver Springs course is the newest of the county’s offerings, having opened in 1999. The course is described as being visually intimidating but accessible (albeit challenging) to golfers of all skill levels. Players can choose between four sets of tees that stretch from 5,048 yards to over 6,800 yards.

Needwood Golf Course

Needwood Golf Course in Derwood provides an excellent golfing experience with beautiful views and a well-maintained course. The 18-hole course is described as “challenging” but also enjoyable. In addition to that course, there is a nine-hole “executive course” that allows newcomers to the sport to get acclimated while seasoned players can sharpen their short game.

Family Golf

Available at most MCG golf courses, Family Golf is a special offering that allows adults and junior golfers under the age of 16 to play together. One adult and up to three juniors, or two adults and up to two juniors, can sign up, and different courses offer Family Golf at different times, including at twilight.

First Tee of Washington

A charity based out of Washington, DC, First Tee brings kids into the game of golf while including a curriculum that helps them build their life skills. Participants learn to play golf while being taught life lessons and leadership skills at the same time.

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