Selling Montgomery County Real Estate? 7 Ways to Prepare

May 12, 2023
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Selling a home is no small task, regardless of whether you have prior experience doing so. The best way to stay on track is to partner with a local agent. They have the experience and connections you need to prepare Bethesda real estate for sale. Timing a home sale correctly and preparing for extra costs are also important to success. Follow these seven ways to prepare your home to sell.

1. Partner with a local agent

Looking for a local agent to work with is a great first step for sellers. Agents have experience completing countless home sales in the area. They know what steps need to be taken for a successful home sale. They can explain parts of the process you're unfamiliar with. They also have access to providers you’ll need in preparing your home. These include professional home stagers, home contractors, and professional photographers.

An agent has connections to other buyers’ agents in the area. With this information, they’ll search for interested buyers and plan home showings. This increases your chances of a sale. Access to accurate market data is also vital in preparations. With this data, they can help you price and time your home listing. An agent looks out for you in your home sale. They’ll always put your interests first and work hard to meet your goals.

2. Research market trends

Before listing Rockville homes for sale, research local market trends. These can be impacted by many factors, which include mortgage rates, inflation, and seasonality. Seasonally, areas like Montgomery County experience harsher winter weather. This, combined with holiday pressures, creates less buyer demand. Sellers should also try timing their sales during sellers’ market trends. Markers include increasing sales, increasing median prices, and decreasing inventory.

Currently, the market in Montgomery County is experiencing cooling trends. Closed sales have decreased by 37.7% compared to last year. Sellers can expect less buyer demand when listing their homes. Both active listings and the average days on market have also increased since last year. This creates more competition between sellers and less negotiation power. Even so, the median sold price is still on the rise. Work with your agent to prepare and market your home.

3. Make repairs and upgrades

A home that requires serious repairs will be much harder to sell than a move-in-ready one. Check if your property needs repairs by getting a pre-sale home inspection. This can uncover hidden issues which you can address beforehand. If no problems arise, completing a home inspection gives buyers peace of mind when making an offer. Dealing with issues beforehand can also make the closing process much quicker.

Upgrades and renovation projects can help increase your property’s value. It may also make it more appealing to buyers. When choosing a project, make sure it aligns with what buyers in the area want. Also, check if the project has a good return on investment. Your agent can help you decide on the best project. Renovations to the bathroom and kitchen almost always are successful. Update hardware, add a fresh coat of paint, and upgrade appliances.

4. Stage your home

|When buyers are viewing your Bethesda real estate, make sure it appeals to them by staging your home. Start fresh by deep cleaning each room. This shows buyers you’ve cared for the property. Next, declutter spaces. This helps rooms look spacious. Donating and throwing away items also saves sellers time packing for a move. Sellers should depersonalize their homes by taking down family photos and removing eclectic decor. This helps buyers imagine living in the house themselves.

The interior design should be neutral-toned. Make design choices that accentuate your home’s architecture or best features. Keep homes well-lit by opening up blinds and turning on lights. Each room should feel like it serves a purpose. Make sure style choices are centered around a main focal point. Also, avoid over-furnishing or under-furnishing the home. Both make a space appear smaller than it is.

5. Hire a professional photographer

When you’re ready to list your home, an agent can provide a professional photographer. The first time a buyer sees your home is via a photo online. If photos don’t look sharp and high resolution, buyers may skip over the listing entirely. Increase your chances of a sale by hiring a professional photographer. They have the equipment necessary to take a quality image and edit it for the screen. They also have the experience to use the equipment correctly and create the best shot.

6. Be available for showings

One of the most valuable things a seller can do for Rockville homes for sale is to be available for showings. Showings can happen last minute whenever buyers are available. As such, sellers should keep their homes clean and prepared for in-person visits. Create a cleaning checklist that can be completed in five or 10 minutes before showings. Skipping out on a home showing can lead to a longer selling process.

7. Plan for closing costs

Sellers should plan for closing costs in advance. In Maryland, closing costs average about 3.57% of a home’s final sale price. Montgomery County’s median sold price is $540,717. Using this number, sellers should prepare for closing costs of around $19,303. These include costs related to title service fees, transfer tax, recording fees, and buyer incentives. This figure doesn’t include agent commissions, which vary.

Ready to sell your home?

Complete the steps above when preparing for a home sale. Timing a sale correctly depends on market trends and seasonality. Also, make sure the home is functional by completing repairs. To make your property appealing to buyers, complete upgrades and stage each room. Then, be flexible for showings and prepare for closing costs. Partner with a local agent to stay on track. They have the experience to guide you through a sale and can offer expert services and advice. When you’re ready to list your home, contact experienced agent Jack Wang with PowerHouse Realty Group to help you through the steps.

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