Making a Lasting Impression With 7 Home Staging Tips

April 17, 2023
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Staging a home has a large impact on a seller’s listing. In fact, NAR found that staged homes sell up to 30 times faster than properties that aren’t staged. Staged homes often sell for higher prices than those that aren’t. In areas like Bethesda and Potomac, sellers already have the benefit of advantages like scenic neighborhoods, natural amenities, and access to Washington, DC. Make the most of the area’s perks by creating a home that’s impossible for buyers to pass up.

1. Deep clean each room

Before listing your Potomac real estate, deep clean the whole home. A clean home creates fewer distractions for buyers. Instead of being preoccupied with fingerprints on a wall or grime on the baseboards, buyers can enjoy the home’s features. A clean home also indicates that the current owners cared for the property. This can boost a buyer’s confidence when making an offer.

2. Declutter

When you’re finished cleaning, declutter your home. Clutter creates visual confusion, which can distract a buyer when viewing Bethesda homes for sale. Cluttered spaces also appear smaller than they actually are. Organize spaces like shelves, closets, and cabinets. Also, clear out areas like the pantry, the tops of tables, and anything else packed with belongings.

Now is an excellent time to sort through belongings you no longer need or use. Sort items according to what you want to donate, sell, or throw away. If areas still need to be fixed, consider renting a storage unit. This keeps your home’s interior clear and spacious. It also keeps your belongings safe and ready to move.

3. Remove the personal element

Take yourself out of the property when staging your home. Staging acts as a blank slate for buyers entering a home. Through decoration choices, a buyer should be able to imagine themselves living in a property. It’s much harder to tap into the fantasy when pictures of another family line the walls. Take down items like family photos, children’s artwork, souvenirs, and other decorative items that lean toward your personal style.

4. Mind the curb appeal

Curb appeal has a large impact on a buyer’s first impression. Cities like Potomac and Bethesda have the advantage of homes with manicured front yards and surrounding greenery. However, untended landscape can be unappealing to buyers. Take the time to trim down trees and bushes or add a pop of color to your landscaping. Sellers should also clean hardscaping elements like walkways and the home’s exterior.

If your home lacks a front yard, preparing a front entryway is just as important. Make your Potomac real estate inviting by sweeping away any dust, debris, or cobwebs from your front door. Make sure the door itself is clean. Repainting or replacing the door can have a large impact on buyers, especially if it’s worn or dilapidated. Polish hinges and knobs. For welcoming energy, replace an old doormat or update your property’s numbers.

5. Lighting is key

Lighting influences the mood of your home’s interior. Keeping a home poorly lit can result in a cold, closed-off feeling. Dark rooms can also come off as melancholy or smaller in size. A brightly lit room has the opposite effect. It creates an inviting and happy energy. Since more of the room is visible, it also makes your home appear spacious.

To maximize lighting, clean the interior and exterior of your windows, including the window’s screens. Dust off blinds and curtains. Then, pull them all the way open. If you have heavy curtains, altogether remove them or replace them with a lighter alternative. Also, maximize artificial light. Create a consistent look by selecting the same color and wattage of the bulb. Be sure to replace any broken or flickering bulbs as well.

6. Make small repairs

Not tending to small repairs can create doubt in a buyer. When spotting issues, it may bring up concerns about the condition of the rest of the property. Complete repairs like filling holes in the wall, fixing a leaky faucet, or repairing a sticky drawer. Sellers can also choose to make larger repairs at this time. This can reduce complications in a home’s sale further down the road.

7. Staging from room to room

When staging Bethesda homes for sale, first focus on the rooms that buyers are the most interested in. These rooms are the kitchen, the living room, and the primary bedroom. For kitchens, keep countertops clear of appliances and everyday clutter. Create an inviting atmosphere that can be used for cooking and socializing. The living room should be easy to walk through and encourage conversation. Pay attention to the balance and positioning of furniture.

Master bedrooms should be organized and comfortable. Buyers should feel like they can unwind and escape when entering the room. Make the bed, and add cozy extras like throw pillows or blankets. Clear laundry from the floor and remove cables from side tables. Overall, focus on neutral designs when staging your home. Then, reincorporate splashes of color and texture for visual interest.

Ready to stage your home?

Staging a home is an important step that sellers shouldn’t skip. Start with a deep clean and declutter. Then, complete small and large repairs. Then, enter the staging process by depersonalizing, lighting areas, and bumping up curb appeal. Style important rooms first. If you’re unsure how to stage your home, reach out to a professional like a local agent. They can provide staging tips or offer contacts to professional stagers in the area. If you’re ready to sell your home, contact local expert Jack Wang to guide you through it.

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